About Us/Programs

About Us:

Pacific Coast Counseling is a counseling center where you can receive individual, couples, children, family, and group counseling.  Pacific Coast Counseling provides several groups, including Anger Management, Domestic Violence Offender 52-week program, and Child Abuse Offender 52-week program.

All providers at Pacific Coast Counseling are Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists or Master’s Level Facilitators with over 50 years combined experience in Family Violence, Anger Management, and Child Development.

We are an Optum-Health/TERM(Child Welfare) approved site for most services and all services are court approved.

All services are offered in English and Spanish for men and women, with services offered at a variety of times Monday through Saturday.

Information and appointment scheduling is available by calling 760-439-1124.


Parenting: An 8, 12, or 16 week class that covers a variety of topics, including discipline, development, and co-parenting.

52-Session Interpersonal Relationship Violence Program: For individuals required to complete a court and/or Child Welfare Services mandate after relationship abuse/violence has been identified.  Learn accountability, responsibility, problem-solving, communication skills and other vital relationship tools.

52-Session Child Abuse Perpetrator Program: For individuals required to complete a court and/or Child Welfare Services mandate. Contact Erika at 760-889-9077 for more information both in English and Español.

Anger Management: A 12-week class addressing the management, containment, and expression of angry or negative feelings.  Learn how to express ALL of your feelings without creating pain for others.

Individual Counseling:  One-on-One, Couple, and Family Therapy is also available.  Many insurances accepted.

All group enrollments are by appointment only.  To schedule an enrollment, call 760-439-1124 Español 760-889-9673